GPS / GNSS Antennas

The dominant theme for the wireless evolution is network densification. This GNSS antenna supports the evolution. Given that signals received from GNSS satellites are weak and arriving from any direction, it is clear that choosing the correct antenna for telecom is important.

The GNSS active antenna amplifies the received signal to compensate for potential losses in long coaxial cables. Power is delivered from the front end through the coaxial cable itself. Characterized by low noise and high gain to provide optimum signal quality, the L1G1A-STD has been tuned for performance and function.

Key Features

  • Delivers L1/G1/E1 carrier frequency signals to GNSS synchronization modules and receivers
  • Excellent filtering, with narrow bandwidth to preserve the GNSS signal and mitigate unwanted signals near the L1/G1/E1 carrier
  • Lightning protection on the antenna element
  • Integrated low noise amplifier with 30dB gain standard

Key Benefits

  • Optimum signal quality with low noise and high gain
  • Designed to support long-lasting, trouble free deployment
  • Durable, unobtrusive cover protects against UV, rain, snow, ice, lightning or chemicals
  • Lightning surge protection to EN6100-4-5, 4KA, 8/20 μs

Downloade GPS / GNSS Antennas data sheet